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Logic Doesn't Work

Logic Doesn't Work


Unfortunately, many of us who struggle with anxiety attempt to cure ourselves with logic. The internal conversation starts, and we assume if we can simply out-think our anxiety we'll feel calm.

We treat our mind like a Rubik's Cube. We try to line up an answer for every thought until we're sure things will work out perfectly.

Here's why this doesn't work:

1. Externally, this leads to shame. We don't share our anxiety with anyone (a key to calmness) because we've now determined we're being illogical (stupid).

2. Internally, this leads to over-analyzation. (Well, if you're having anxiety it's likely because you've already overanalyzed something. So now you're overanalyzing what you've overanalyzed. That's a tough place to be).

3. The cure for anxiety isn't logic, it's love.

Jesus' best friend, a guy named John, says, "Perfect love casts out fear." (1 John 4:18) 

He's right. Over-analyzation doesn't change anything that's going to happen. It just get's you further down the path to anxious misery.  Knowing that a perfectly loving God is walking alongside you no matter what happens brings a true sense of safety.

His love is powerful. His love can grant you coping skills the moment you need them, his love can turn even a disaster into a blessing, his love can turn things around at the last second, and his love can even resurrect things after they're dead! 

If you want to overanalyze something, try overanalyzing the love of God. I challenge you to write down all you can about the love of God. Write down that he'd die a thousand deaths for you, that he has prepared a place in heaven for you, that his thoughts towards you are more in number than sand grains on the beach.

If anything, you'll finally be underanalyzing something, as the love of God "surpasses knowledge" and cannot be overanalyzed. There's a little relief right there.

If you're not sure, try this: Think of the one person who loves you the most in this world. Now multiply that by infinity. That's the beginning of how much God loves you. 

Put down the Rubik's Cube and dwell on that. 

What If I Fail?

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