It is useless to try to manipulate the effectiveness of our work by sacrificing the needs of our body - especially our need to sleep.

Find a Friend

Openness and confession allow you to lay your burdens down. Sometimes confession, just speaking your fear out loud, releases you from that fear altogether.


This simple practice will help un-hurry and un-clutter your mind, eventually giving you an imaginary shut-off switch so you can focus in the moments that matter most.

Anxiety Toolbox

Find what transfers the the love of God from your mind to your heart. Stick those things in your tool box to go back to over and over again when you're anxious. 


Since God is prepared for anything we don't have to prepare for everything. We can enjoy the peace of mind that moderate preparation bings and the peace of mind that God already knows what we're going to need ahead of time. 

Fear of Man Vs. Doctrine

The only person whose opinion will matter for billions and trillions of years is Jesus. He is your master, no one else. He will judge you, no one else. He went easy on us on the cross, so don't fear mere man, mere people being hard on you.